Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Our greatest assets in business are the people who show up every day to deliver. However, many don’t have the training or tools required to manage their energy and resilience when work gets stressful and overwhelming.

As a leader in business, you need to ensure that your team is trained to handle their energy slumps, challenges and mental stress. The success of your business depends on it.


Meditation has been shown to dramatically improve many areas of people performance such as:

- Focus and Productivity

- Respect and Kindness for Others

- Creative Ideas

- Personal Well-being and Energy Levels

- Relationships (includes relating well to others)

Meditation also comes in many forms and each person will have a unique way of connecting to and developing positive habits around meditation.

This workshop assists everyone to taste the benefits of meditation or mindfulness and develop their own unique style that is sustainable for them.

"The energised and mindful person will thrive.

The fatigued and stressed will struggle."

There is no getting around the incredible benefits of meditation and what it can do for individuals, departments and the greater team. Fostering a culture of mindful people underpins any future thinking business in today’s fast paced world.

This training infuses many meditation styles such as breath-work, daily themed meditations, creative visualising, release meditation, sensory meditation and journey work. The styles infuse both western mindfulness practices alongside indigenous and eastern wisdom.


PART 1 Morning Session: For The Intuitive Flow State

1. Discussion on the definition of mindfulness and meditation: What the benefits are and evidence-based statistics on how people are using it to make change and improve performance. How does mindfulness really work and how is it different to meditation.

2. The different styles of meditation and how they activate different learning and results: Learn the 2 core types of meditation and the sub branches that produce different results and tackle different personal challenges.

3. Live Experiential Meditation #1: Using Journey-work meditation style to access a deeper brain region of subconscious mind.

4. Switching from left to right brain: Explore how mindfulness can switch our BETA brain into ALPHA brain quickly and effectively.

5. 3-Minute Meditation CALM: Practice the most basic 3 minute re-set meditation for when work gets stressful and you need a quick hack to unwind the mess.


1. Conflict Meditation: Understand and manage conflict with teams, clients and yourself through acceptance meditative techniques.

2. Managing Stress: Explore short-term, daily mindfulness hacks for handling stress, as well as longer-term meditation practice strategies to build a more sustainable meditative mind approach to stress management.

3. Creative Visualisation: Utilise guided journeys and goal orientated meditation to give extra energy to your work outputs or just get into a better intuitive and creative flow for better performance and problem solving.

4. Setting intentions and outcomes every day with short themed meditations: Kick goals easily and improve your focus with short themes meditations that are simple to do and become easy habits

5. Develop your Own Unique Meditation Practice: Last step of the day is to design and commit to a 40 day plan of meditation habits and track the changes you see.


Training Deliverables

  • Theory of Meditation and Mindfulness strategies

  • Mindfulness techniques and tools (incl styles)

  • Meditation tracks to use for all styles explored in this one-day workshop (audio supplied as mp3)

  • 40-Day Meditation practice template

  • Measurement of mindfulness habits template

  • Lucid dream/intention established and articulated

  • Copy of Debbie’s CD - Zen Business: 7 Journey Meditations for busy minds


Sliding Scale depending on numbers (AUD$)

  • 4-8 people $2800+(gst) with Basic Travel/ disbursements 10%
  • 8-15 pax $3400+(gst) with Basic Travel/ disbursements 10%

Larger numbers-
 Enquire about group discount volumes for bigger teams or several training workshops. Numbers per workshop are limited to 15 for training effectiveness.

*COSTS include initial discussions, amendments to material if required, delivery plus follow up.
*DISBURSEMENT FEES cover workbooks, flipcharts, handouts and local travel/parking.

**VENUE HIRE is charged on top of these costs and discussed based on best location and availability for client. It can be onsite at client offices or offsite depending on available budget. Quotes can be obtained and agreed prior to the workshop.


Apart from running onsite at your office or a nearby location of your choice, we also offer to host the workshops at the BYRON AT BYRON CRYSTALBROOK RESORT CONFERENCE CENTER to ensure you get the full space away from work and to relax and soak up the workshop with full energy. Workshop participants will pay for the accommodation and meals or dinners as the location will be free of use for a day. (image courtesy of

Byron Bay workshop

About Debbie Pask

Debbie has a background in board level advertising, a degree in philosophy and extensive training in eastern psychology, meditation and indigenous tools. Debbie has also trained in energy medicine, Psych-K, ACT for workplace, Enneagram profiling, Wealth Dynamics, advanced meditation, Kinergetics, sound therapy, astrology, shadow work and more. She bridges the world of intuition and business, creating stronger, confident executives who know how to manage their energy, their mind and performance. Debbie has been teaching, training and coaching with these unique tools in a live environment for over 15 years
Aside from her career at Saatchi and Saatchi & George Patterson Bates and selling two companies she started, Debbie has coached individual professionals who work in professional sports, creative performance, law firms, CEO’s, tech companies, Amazon execs, interior designers, tv presenters, marketing directors, digital companies and more. She has a global presence and regularly skypes with Japan, South Africa, Singapore, United States, UK and more.

Any questions, love to hear from you!
Kind regards,
Debbie Pask
(Director of Zenful Business)